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Tarot Readings by Eden

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Walk In's welcome, but appointments appreciated!  To ensure the time you need, early mornings or evenings please book ahead.  Here online or through the shop with Eden. 

  • Morning and Evening Appointments 
  • Video Readings (Facetime & Facebook)
  • Readings are charged by time.  20 minute minimum.
  • $20 - 20 minutes
  • $30 - 30 minutes
  • $45 - 45 minutes
  • $60 - 60 minutes
  • Couples: 30 minutes $60, 1 Hour $120

About the Reading

Animal Readings


Curious about your familiars behavior?

Pet readings can some of the most fun, bring in your fury, feathered or scaly friend for a reading! *Normal rates may apply.  Strays without chips, free.* 

Please call to set up an appointment for readings, this way your familiar can have run of the shop without interference. 

Pet Services

  • Collar talismans 
  • Energy readings
  • Homemade pet treats (canine)
  • Some organic remedies provided.  **Always consult a vet before distributing anything to your pet**
  • We have a licensed animal behaviorist with veterinary technician training on call for any questions we cannot answer. 

FAQ's & How to Ask a Good Question




When I sit with you for your own personal reading, I tune into your energy field. This means I am creating a link and asking your permission to step inside. I'm consciously stepping into your aura and gaining information about you. It’s best for us to sit relaxed at the time and we take our 5 deep breaths a wonderful exchange of free flowing information takes place.

I won't know everything- just what your psyche allows me to see, sense, hear or feel. That's why it's so important when you have a reading- you sit with the intuitive with an open mind. While I’m in your energy field, you might feel a healing or calmness come over you. Many people tell me they feel much better once I link into to their energy field. So, if you’re anxious or concerned in anyway, this will help you find that perfect balance within yourself. Then, you will instantly do what I call chillax (chill out and relax).

Once we are connected it is like you've invited me over, I can see, hear, smell and feel things about you.


Can you tell me something about myself? A: In short, yes however approaching a reader on the street and asking them to 'perform' outside of the reading is unethical.  Most will meet your request with rejection.

 Can I bring someone in to listen?  A: Usually no, not unless you're doing a couples reading.

  • If I perceive that you are addictive,  I will refuse to read for you.  I do not encourage addiction to psychics.
  • I ban clients who are rude, disrespectful, or abusive in any way. 
  • If you ask the same question over and over again to try to get the answer you want, I may refuse to work with you in the future.
  • I won’t read for you if you show up drunk or impaired.
  • If I sense that you are in a distressed or anxious state, I may request that you wait for your reading. Better to wait until you are calm and focused – this way, you guarantee that your reading is not influenced by your emotional state. (Sometimes if a person gets a reading when they are emotionally upset, they don’t really hear what I am saying – they may only hear what they wish to hear.)
  • I do not haggle on pricing.

Sometimes, for no fault of the client, I just don’t feel a connection.  I will refer you to another reader that I respect in that case.

I do not answer questions on sports (which I loathe), gambling (example: Lottery numbers), approval of criminal activity, or dates of death.

I do not do readings for anyone under the age of 18 without a parent or guardian permission.

Policy on lateness and cancellation: I require a 24 hour notice if you cannot make it to your appointment – if you do not give me sufficient notice, your fee for the appointment will be forfeited.

I have a VERY strict no-show policy.  If you are a no show, I reserve the right to refuse future appointments.
By participating in/reading my tarot service/website/blog you acknowledge that I am not a licensed psychologist, lawyer or health care professional and my services do not replace the care of lawyers, psychologists, or other healthcare professionals. 

What Methods Do I Use for a Typical Reading?


I tend to use my intuition- with each person.  I might be drawn to read your palms, look at some of your photos hold a piece of your jewelry, or flip some cards.  The art of the Tarot is usually my most used medium with the combination of my intuition.  It all depends on my intuition and what I decide will be best for your situation.

During the reading- I may sit for a few moments and reflect on what it is that I am seeing, hearing etc... Then, more than likely flip a few cards. As, I use my cards to assist you in seeing events in the near future and or past situations that you've been avoiding or that will come back and need addressed. They will help you see your choices clearer especially when there is a fork in the road. You can bring me photos of loved ones and ask me to look at them and tell you what I see. I can hold a piece of jewelry that someone has worn and tell you about the vibes I get from it- and quite often we can make a great connection this way.

So how do you phrase the right question?


The following pointers provide some do's and dont's in phrasing tarot questions.

Focus on one issue at a time.

Ask open-ended questions.

Avoid assuming that the cards might intuit the question and provide an answer.

Avoid yes or no questions. Yes/no type of questions do not work well in a Tarot reading.

Be as detailed as possible in constructing the question. Ask details such as who and what.


Tarot Services in New Port Richey

Interpret my Tarot Reading:


Have you ever had that confusing or vague Tarot reading you wanted answer from?

* Maybe you are too close to the situation to interpret cards you've pulled for yourself.

*A free Tarot reading that was vague or unclear?

*Generic meanings give to you that you've felt disconnected or feel as if the reading had nothing to do with you or your situation?

Have me clarify the reading for you!


This is an objective way to clarify any confusion you might have about a reading and a better way of getting a 'second opinion' without exhausting the cards.  AKA multiple readings to the point of confusion.  

*How do I do this?  Contact me via email  and be specific on what you asking of me with the subject line of Interpret My Reading.  I will need a list of the cards which were pulled as I will not be pulling any on my own.  After I receive the information I will get back to you on pricing.  Generally the price depends on how may cards need interpretation.  


Legal Marriages performed upon request!

  •  Without discrimination I will perform: Legal Marriages, Affirmations of Love, Hand fasting, Vowel renewals.


Rates: Open for discussion: Travel rates may apply

LGBTQ+ friendly - all people are welcome here!